LPC Books launched its general book publishing division in 2007 under the supervision of Christian Devotions Ministries. Our authors include Christy Award winners, debut novelists, and nonfiction writers. When our fiction titles project an agenda (and all novels project an agenda of some kind), they point to moral truths and characters with strong beliefs about what’s right and wrong.

(Click here if you wish to read a short history of the birth of LPC and its mission.)

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas is a royalty-paying book publisher. We do not charge for the production, editing, or marketing of our books. LPC assumes all production costs. We will on occasion encourage our authors to participate in ad buys when we think it is a good investment (Goodreads ads, Vessel Project ads, Ask David Twitter buys, etc) but the author is under no obligation to participate. We do not offer any advance against royalties. We issue royalties monthly, but as we continue to grow, we may move to a quarterly payment structure.

Currently, we only contract with authors we meet at WRITERS’ CONFERENCES or who are represented by approved LPC literary agents. Book publishing is a relationship business. As such, we like to meet authors face-to-face. We seek authors who understand that the development of a book is a team effort and that the final product – including title, cover, and back cover copy – is solely at the discretion of the publisher. We invite author participation in the process, but LPC has final say in book design, editor assignment, and other aspects of the project.

LPC will consider your platform, social media reach, and expects you to develop a marketing plan for your book. However, we do not insist that an author have a certain number of social media followers, fans, etc. LPC will help you grow your “tribe” as part of your book’s launch plan. By the time your book releases, you should have accounts set up for Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, have a blog or website presence, and an author page on Amazon. We provide all the tools and guidance necessary to complete these steps.

LPC has several active imprints, ranging from romance to speculative fiction and Christian living nonfiction.

(Forthcoming in 2018)

Fiction Guidelines

When you submit your book for consideration please include: a brief (1-paragraph) summary of the novel, a long (2-3 page) synopsis,  three sample chapters, marketing plan, influencers, and author bio. Please submit proposals in a single Word document and e-mail as an attachment to: fiction@lighthousepublishingofthecarolinas.com. If you are unsure how to create a fiction book proposal we recommend you buy a copy of Writing a Winning Book Proposal by Michael Hyatt.


A Novel IdeaWe DO NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts. If you wish to pitch your project to an LPC editor, meet with us at a writers conference. We DO accept manuscripts from recognized literary agents.

You may wish to purchase a copy of A Novel Idea: Learn How to Write a Novel in Under 60 Minutes. (99 cents on Kindle) We consider the elements in this small book to be the basic components of a novel and judge submissions based on many these novel-writing elements.


Nonfiction Submissions

Below are a few things to consider when submitting your manuscript:

Is your premise statement true? Can a conclusion be drawn from your premise statement or is it simply making an observation? Your premise statement is the fundamental concept that drives the content and reflects the basic theme of your title and sub-title. Your premise identifies the need that you are addressing in the book and the solution you are proposing. We WILL judge your book on your premise, so ask:

  • How is my approach different from other books on this topic?
  • Why would the audience be interested in my book?
  • Why am the person to write the book?

Your title AND premise statement needs to be clear, concise, and creative.

Premise statement is:

  • You book’s sales pitch
  • Your author introduction
  • A road map for the book

Additional features you might consider adding to your book:

  • Study questions
  • Interactive elements
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Links to video resources
  • On camera interviews of the book

If you are unsure how to create a nonfiction book proposal we recommend you buy a copy of Writing a Winning Book Proposal by Michael Hyatt.


I write a daily inductive Bible study on a blog. The studies are for daily Scripture readings suggested by the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) Uniform Series. Would LPC be interested in publishing these studies on a quarterly basis? ISSL curriculum covers a ten year span of time and is popular among many major denominations including the AME and COGIC denominations.

I met Aaron Gansky at the Orange County Christian Writers Conference this weekend and he said I should send my nonfiction book proposa, Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids? to him and he would get it to the right person at Lighthouse. Unfortunately I don’t have his email address or physical address. Would you please provide me with either so that I can get my proposal to Mr. Gansky? Thank you for you help.

Hi Eddie – we’ve met many times over the past several years at the Maranatha Christian Writers Conference in Muskegon, MI. I’ve published two books. The first is wHispers, acronym for when He is so precious even rocks sing and about God’s marvelous love and faithfulness – especially in tough times. The second if Faith, Favorites, Fun, and Fotos of Cape Cod with 80 full color “foots” of Cape Cod. Now I’m writing a 600 word picture book about how a rescue dog’s life changes when she becomes a church dog. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in talking with me further. I don’t have an illustrator, but do have pictures of Petunia that can be used as a guide.
Nice to be in touch, Eddie. Wondering if you’ll be at Maranatha in October?

Shirley, I have a conflict during this year’s Maranatha conf, so I’ll miss this one. Regarding picture books, you should check with Verana. We hope to have her “Christmas Object Lessons” book out in time for the conf. Normally we don’t do picture books, but if an author can show that she has the platform to sell them, we might. For us, picture books are sold almost exclusively by the author. There is very little online sales. Moms, grandmothers, etc… buy books for children and that’s normally done in bookstores where the child can browse, handle the books, and pick the ones that interest them. Online selling doesn’t lend itself to that experience.
Hope this helps.

To the Editor of Devotions:
I have written many devotions that have been published by PresbyCan Daily Devotions on email and internet. These Bible- based, in-depth, interesting devotions can be published as a fine devotional gift book. They can be viewed at www. PresbyCan Daily Devotions. Type in “devotions by Isabel Allison” to see them.
PresbyCan does not retain rights to devotioals they publish.
Please email me your publishing guidelines and sample pages in a format you prefer.
Thank you, Isabel Allison

Dear Editor of Devotions:
Martim Wiles referred me to your website. I have written many daily devotions that have been published by PresbyCan Daily Devotions on email and internet. These Bible-based, in-depth, interesting devotions can be published as a fine devotional book. They can be viewed at www. PresbyCan; type in “devotions by Isabel Allison.” PresbyCan does not retain rights to the devotions they publish. Please email me your publishing guidelines and sample pages that present the format you prefer.
Thank you. Isabel Allison

I am a published author with three Amish fiction books out with Harvest House and a fourth novel released independently. So far my latest book, The Amish Heiress has stayed in the top thirty in three best-selling categories on Amazon including Christian Mystery and Suspense for twelve weeks with 87% five star reviews, and all three of my original series are currently in the top 60 in Kindle and the top 1000 in books. Would LPC be interested in talking with me or my agent about picking up The Amish Heiress and the following two in the series? I am represented by Steve Laube. Thank you.

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